December 11, 2019


By LG Spain Staff World over, consumers are showing a greater preference for home appliances that offer ...

By LG Spain Staff
World over, consumers are showing a greater preference for home appliances that offer far more than just basic functionality. As tastes become more refined and technologies more advanced, the demand for more creative lifestyle options have grown, relegating the utilitarian beige boxes of yesteryear to the dustbin. Today’s elegant, refined home electronics and appliances prioritize design and convenience without ignoring the core basics: reliability and user-friendliness.

Madrid Horse Week and Annual Gala (1)

Steeped in art and culture, the people of Spain have long had an appreciation of quality and an eye for innovations that infuse daily life with ease and joy. In particular, the stylish and technologically superior appliances from LG SIGNATURE, LG Electronics’ premium brand, have struck a chord with local consumers.

Madrid Horse Week and Annual Gala (2)

Madrid Horse Week, one of the most important global equestrian programs and biggest sporting events in Spain, proved to be the ideal forum for showcasing LG’s latest offerings to a large and sophisticated audience. LG SIGNATURE’s cutting-edge products, including the new wine cellar, were on display during the week-long festivities, with the brand’s name emblazoned throughout the course as well as on the winning trophy.

Madrid Horse Week and Annual Gala (3)

Beyond sporting events, the Spanish have a collective love of art. So LG’s Spain team hosted an LG SIGNATURE gala event in November with Spanish celebrity and renowned luxury fashion designer Tamara Falcó taking on the role of master of ceremonies. Tamara is well familiar with LG’s premium collection, having been LG SIGNATURE’s brand ambassador in Spain since 2016. The highlight of the gala was a photo exhibition that celebrated the world of cinema where LG SIGNATURE products were artfully integrated into imaginary cinematic environments.

Madrid Horse Week and Annual Gala (4)

One of the more popular images at the exhibit drew its inspiration from the Mad Hatter’s tea party scene from Alice in Wonderland. The fresh strawberries and cakes displayed on the elaborately decorated table hinted at LG SIGNATURE refrigerator’s enhanced freshness features as model Tamara Falcó’s stunning pink gown is mirrored by the stainless steel and glass door.

Madrid Horse Week and Annual Gala (5)

In another striking piece, Tamara takes on a starring role in one of Alfred Hitchcock’s most iconic works, Rear Window. The scene captures her glancing out the window, as if spotting someone watching from afar. She’s dressed elegantly — in a style synonymous with the LG SIGNATURE brand — as a bright light emanates from inside the washing machine.

Madrid Horse Week and Annual Gala (6)

“The design and quality of LG SIGNATURE made it easy to seamlessly work the products into each of these cinematic-themed compositions,” said Falcó. “Just as they are in these images, LG SIGNATURE appliances are right at home in the most beautiful and well-curated apartments and houses.”

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