September 26, 2019


As a first time participant of London Design Festival, the team behind LG SIGNATURE wanted to clearly communicate the uncompromising design and advanced functionality behind the premium home appliance and consumer electronics brand and generate healthy, fun conversation in the process. For ten days before the festival, LG featured a 30-second promotional video for LG SIGNATURE on its outdoor billboards in Piccadilly Circus that reached more than million Londoners every day.

LG SIGNATURE London Design Festival 1

LG SIGNATURE’s exhibition space was designed in collaboration with Wallpaper, the U.K. based design, fashion and lifestyle magazine. Held in historic Somerset House, the exclusive event was attended by over 100 guests that included media, high society VIPs and prominent members of the design and luxury world. The bustling venue became the place for in-depth discussions about design and technology.

Visitors were able to experience the latest range of LG SIGNATURE products alongside a series of stunning sculptures sharing the ultra-premium brand’s minimalist aesthetic. The latest range of LG SIGNATURE products includes the OLED TV W, French Door Refrigerator and Bottom-freezer Refrigerator, Wine Cellar, Washer & Dryer, Air Purifier and Air Conditioner.

LG SIGNATURE London Design Festival 2

But the main highlight was Masters’ Talk, an exclusive lecture and a panel discussion highlighting the close relationship between art and technology. Led by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, the husband-and-wife team behind renowned architecture firm, Studio Fuksas, the lecture shed light on the couple’s design philosophy and their distinctive architectural creations.

LG SIGNATURE London Design Festival 3

A panel discussion followed the informative talk session with Massimiliano Fuksas joined by the respected independent watchmaker Antoine Preziuso, visual artist and founder Matt Clark of London-based collective United Visual Artists (UVA) and Chung Wook-jun, head of Home Appliance & Air Solution Design Lab at LG Electronics.

“Technology, especially when it reaches a certain level that cannot be imitated, becomes a part of the beauty and the value,” said Antoine Preziuso, the bespoke timepiece maker who is highly revered for his revolutionary triple tourbillon design. “LG SIGNATURE products, the integration of most advanced technology and design, are of great beauty and beauty is a promise of happiness.”

LG SIGNATURE London Design Festival 4

The Studio Fuksas team stressed the value of architecture that combines beauty with advanced technology. “True masterpieces are about perfect harmony between the beauty you want to create and technology that was carefully measured to capture that moment of art, giving people a glimpse of something that it truly great, better than that they ever imagined,” said Massimiliano Fuksas.

Visual artist Matt Clark emphasized the importance of essence in design. “Just like LG SIGNATURE OLED TV can be used as a kind of light-emitting canvas, art and technology will continue to work together, opening up a whole new area of potential,” he said. “Although the technology constantly changes, the most important thing is the concept, essence that’s meant to be communicated.”

LG SIGNATURE London Design Festival 5

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