July 8, 2019


LG Smart Green Project 01

By LG Spain Staff

A few years ago, Spain suffered one of the worst wildfires in its history when a powerful blaze decimated a large part of Alto Tajo Natural Park in Guadalajara Province. The recovery effort to reforest the park would be a monumental task involving many organizations and individuals across the country. LG Spain stepped in to play its part, employing its ingenuity and advanced products to give back to nature, and help the park and the nation to heal.

LG Smart Green Project 02

Last year, LG Spain kicked off its LG Smart Green project with a key objective to bring Alto Tajo Natural Park to its former glory by using technology to help in the reforestation effort. Not only do trees beautify the landscape, they constitute an entire eco-system for many species and soak up excess CO2 in the atmosphere. Since March of this year, LG has planted approximately 2 million seeds throughout the vast park, from which 1.5 million trees are expected to develop. Another 500,000 trees were planted by organizations and individuals involved in the LG Smart Green project.

LG Smart Green Project 03

The reforestation effort was carried out with the help of LG technology. Working in partnership with CO2 Revolution, a local startup, LG devised a plan involving a high-tech drone, an LG G8SThinQ smartphone (dubbed LG G8 Smart Green) and an LG gram laptop. The innovative process employed by LG and CO2 Revolution consisted of three steps. First, the smartphone captured information collected during the drone’s scanning flights. Next, the data and images were uploaded to the LG gram laptop which used advanced software and a specially designed algorithm to identify optimal locations to disperse the seeds. Then a CO2 Revolution pilot flew the drone to the target sites using the phone and laptop to plant the seeds.

LG Smart Green Project 04

The reforestation project gave LG Spain an opportunity to help the environment recover, earning the team respect and thanks from the local communities most affected by the devastating fire. The project also captivated national news media and gained significant attention across social platforms, leading to much needed conversations and interest in caring for nature.

LG Smart Green Project 05

And Alto Tajo Natural Park is just the beginning. LG hopes to see every Spanish citizen plant one tree and engage their friends and family online using the hashtag #UnaPersonaUnÁrbol (One Person, One Tree) with the goal of seeing 47 million new trees by 2030.

LG Spain is setting an example for others to follow, bettering the environment through technology and using its influence to raise awareness of how each Spaniard can contribute to a good cause. And across the globe, LG is leveraging its technology, resources and unreserved optimism to ensure a greener, healthier planet for current generations and those yet to come.

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