July 26, 2019


By LG Gulf Staff


Scorching temperatures are the norm across much of the Middle East and Africa, with temperatures of 50o C (122o F) being the rule rather than the exception. The importance of reliable air conditioning takes on a whole new dimension when it’s hot enough to fry an egg on the hood of a car or burn your hand attempting to open its door.

LG Air Solution Press Tour (1)

But dependence on heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is also a major concern across the region due to rising energy consumption due to growing populations and greater industrial demand. To counter this trend, local governments are putting more eco-conscious energy management policies in place with a view to ensuring greater sustainability in the long term.

A company that has long understood the need to conserve energy resources, Dubai-based LG Gulf has amassed a full suite of high-efficiency solutions tailored to cope with the region’s challenging climate, fully capable of meeting current and future demand for the region’s cooling needs.

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To showcase its advanced commercial HVAC systems, LG recently hosted an LG Air Solution tour in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – a nation that shares LG’s forward-thinking outlook and is currently working toward meeting the United Nation’s sustainable development goals.

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To kick-off the tour, LG showed how its highly efficient HVAC solutions are implemented across many areas, such as hospitality, healthcare and district cooling. The company demonstrated how its industry-leading solutions are helping businesses worldwide achieve their green targets and new levels of energy efficiency. Guests were given a rare opportunity to venture into a hotel’s chiller plant to witness how LG’s unique oil-free magnetic chillers deliver energy-efficient performance to a 130,000 square meter hotel.

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The audience also paid a visit to LG’s Dubai Air Conditioning Academy where the company trains technicians, dealers and contractors in the finer points of its HVAC systems to raise the bar for customer service and aftersales assistance. Experts at LG educated public officials on how an Energy Management System (EMS) optimizes power delivery and consumption for microgrid environments.

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Then it was onto the Sustainable City, a fully functioning property built by Dubai-based Diamond Developers to illustrate how urban centers can embrace environmentally friendly living without sacrificing modern conveniences. Guests were shown the important role LG plays in facilitating this smart city with its proprietary HVAC solutions, anchored by LG’s Multi V 5 VRF system. With industry-leading energy efficiency and advanced features such as Auto Dust Removal, LG’s HVAC technology is implemented across the Sustainable City.

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Through the event, LG clearly demonstrated how it is aligned with the initiatives of the region to promote sustainability through advanced HVAC technologies and involvement in creating a more efficient infrastructure. Around the world, LG is helping to make businesses and homes more comfortable and cost-effective while easing the burden on cities and the environment.

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