July 14, 2017


LG E7 Picture-on-Glass OLED TV Earns Three Awards
for Outstanding Picture Quality and Performance

LG CE Week TV Shootout

SEOUL, July 14, 2017 — The highly acclaimed LG E7 OLED TV was crowned “2017 King of TV” in the 14th Annual CE Week TV Shootout™ in a competition amongst six contending flagship 4K Ultra HD TV models during CE Week in New York City. This is the fourth consecutive year LG OLED has won at the CE Week Shootout and the first time a single manufacturer has swept all three newly created categories. The 65-inch LG E7 OLED TV combines a unique Picture-on-Glass form factor, the unparalleled picture performance of OLED technology, immersive Dolby Atmos sound and unmatched high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities to deliver outstanding picture quality and an unrivaled home cinema experience.

The CE Week TV Shootout is an annual event that pits the flagship TVs from leading manufacturers against each other to identify the top performers. In 2017 the event has been refined to award the top performers in three distinct categories: Studio Lighting/Home Theater, HDR, and Streaming Performance. Judges rated each TV based on several criteria including, perceived contrast ratio, color saturation and color volume, colorimetry, and motion artifacts, amongst others. To ensure an equal playing field for all manufacturers every TV in the shootout was purchased at retail, calibrated independently by TV Shootout organizers and evaluated by experts in the field of video imaging.

“We’re delighted and humbled to be the first and only television brand to receive this honor four years in a row,” said Brian Kwon, president of the LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. “We have always been proud to be the first to market with OLED technology and Dolby Atmos sound but it’s always gratifying to see the industry’s experts confirming that LG TVs are second to none.”

The LG 2017 OLED TV lineup consists of the following models: 77- and 65-inch W7, 77- and 65-inch G7, 65- and 55-inch E7, 65- and 55-inch C7 and 65- and 55-inch B7. Each model in the 2017 lineup lives up to the unrivaled ability of OLED to reproduce the most lifelike images of any display technology, with perfect blacks, infinite contrast, expanded color gamut, and wider viewing angles.

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