December 20, 2012


LG Extends Its Leadership in the Digital Signage Sector, Employing
Advanced IPS Displays and Energy Saving Technology


SEOUL, Dec. 20, 2012 — LG Electronics (LG) will showcase its advanced digital sign-age lineup at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 8-11, 2013. The strong selection includes the flagship 55-inch 3D Video Wall, the 84-inch Ultra HD Multi-touch Signage, the EZ Sign TV, Smart Gate Media Pole, Smart Mirror and other leading commercial display solutions. LG recognizes the growing need for effective and efficient digital signage and is committed to developing a variety of products that incorporate cutting-edge IPS panels and Smart Energy Saving Technology.

“LG sees a bright future in the digital signage segment,” said Il-geun Kwon, Senior Vice President and Head of the IT Business Unit of the LG Home Entertainment Company. “We are proud to offer a superb range of products, capable of operating in diverse environments to meet a wide range of client needs. Our combination of IPS panels and Smart Energy Saving Technology offers the dual benefit of providing eye-catching images and significant energy savings.”

LG has repeatedly displayed its prowess in the digital signage arena, working with a number of prestigious international brands such as McDonald’s, KFC, Nike, Kia, Hyundai and Vodafone. The company has successfully implemented many large-scale projects, including the supply of nearly 18,000 digital signs to popular Canadian restaurant chain, Tim Hortons. LG’s signage solutions can be found in several of the world’s

major transportation hubs, such as Incheon International Airport and Sydney International Airport. This year, the company will again wow CES visitors with digital signs that are impressive not only in scale, but in picture quality and energy efficiency as well.

3D Video Wall for Sheer Enormity of Scale

Once again, LG is set to be the talk of Las Vegas with its larger-than-life 3D Video Wall at its CES booth, an immense display consisting of an impressive 122 LG 55-inch WV70MD screens. With the world’s narrowest bezel-to-bezel measurement of just 5.3mm, the 3D Video Wall gives the viewer the impression that they are viewing a single enormous display. White balance for every screen can be automatically calibrated via factory-installed software to ensure perfectly uniform picture quality across all screens and IPS display technology provides vibrant, crisp pictures with a wide viewing angle.

And LG’s large-scale digital signage solution employs the company’s proprietary Smart Energy Saving Technology, allowing it to use approximately 30 percent less electricity than other commercial LED displays. This helps reduce power bills without compromising picture quality.

84-inch Ultra HD Multi-touch Signage for Engaging and Educating

LG’s impressive 84-inch Ultra HD Multi-touch Signage introduces the sharpness of Ultra HD to the B2B digital display market. At CES, LG’s massive five-point touchscreens will enable users to interact with reproductions of masterpieces from the world’s most prestigious museums. An incredibly high pixel density means that even the most delicate brushstrokes can be viewed in great detail on the Ultra HD Multi-touch. In addition to zooming, rotating or writing onscreen messages with one’s fingers, LG’s 84-inch Ultra HD Multi-touch Signage is geared towards intuitive, natural interaction, making it ideal for a variety of commercial and educational applications.

EZ Sign TV and More

LG’s award-winning EZ Sign TV will also be exhibited at CES 2013. The EZ Sign TV was recognized by Commercial Integrator magazine for two consecutive years — 2011 and 2012 — for its ability to offer customized content layout. The versatile EZ Sign TV is suited to many tasks, including advertising, playing multimedia and displaying live broadcasts. LG’s slim, space-saving Smart Gate Media Pole, which is also ideal for marketing and advertising applications will be showcased along with the Smart Mirror; a display that functions as both a mirror and a monitor.

LG’s B2B Business Approach

The use of digital signage is on the rise and global sales is expected to grow to USD 9.5 million sets by 2016, a six-fold increase over 2009 according to DisplaySearch. LG’s signage solutions can be seen in a host of locations, performing a diverse range of functions, including advertising products and services, training students and professionals, aiding in government and corporate operations, or providing useful public information.

LG will also be exhibiting more flagship products at Europe’s most prestigious business-to-business tradeshow, Integrated Systems Europe 2013 (ISE) starting January 29 in Amsterdam.

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